Sunday from 6:00AM - 1130AM

Merrimac State High school

Welcome to the Market

Merrimac State High School oval

The Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market is the area’s first and only truly Organic Growers Market, selling the best quality, tastiest, most nutritious produce available to you.

Every Sunday from 06:00 AM to 11:30 AM, this totally unique Market provides an extensive and complete range of the freshest, absolutely straight from the farm, guaranteed Certified Organically grown seasonal (and interstate) vegetables and fruit.

Merrimac State High School | Parking is virtually right at the Market, and is plentiful.

Merrimac State High School grounds

from 06:00 AM to 11:30 AM | ample parking

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Our very friendly, knowledgeable stallholders also offer Organic products such as:

  • “Picked yesterday” seasonal fresh Certified Organic produce.
  • Fresh and dried versions of all your favourite seasonal herbs.
  • “Heritage” varieties of some seasonal vegetables eg; dandelion greens, kale, daikon radish, chard…
  • The best tasting fruits in season (incomparable!)
  • Sourdough crusty, wholemeal, wholesome breads of all your favourite grains. (also gluten free)
  • Freshly-brewed Espresso Coffee and Teas, hot Chocolate and Chai tea.
  • Healthy homemade delicious breakfasts… You won’t be disappointed!
  • Freshly made juices and start your day.
  • Home- made jams and other seasonal surprises.
  • Bulk dry goods; grains, nuts, flours, dried fruits, grain miks, oils, etc, and a complete range of Health Foods.
  • Cosmetics and skin care products – 100% truly Certified Organic ingredients
  • Fresh salad mixes and micro-green mixes.
  • Honey, eggs, vinegars, nut butters…
  • Healthy herbal teas.
  • Pure Aquifer Water with nothing unhealthy added!
  • Massage therapist.
  • Fresh Tofu.
  • Live music
  • And more exciting stalls to come……….. much more!

During the course of each month the Market also have a range of Community stalls promoting environmental awareness, and natural health practices and activities.

Very family friendly atmosphere- non -organic customers won’t feel out of place at all!
If you just want the tastiest produce (just like it tasted in the “old days”), the truly freshest, best quality, really healthy foods at affordable prices, the Market has it all. Have a cuppa in the shade and enjoy the experience.

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