What a most Perfect day Sunday was…..

Clear blue skies and smiling happy faces and kids of all sizes running around and DRY grass underfoot.
The air was filled with coffee roasting smells and breakfast cooking smells of eggs and pastries and tofu. The beautiful couple who make breakfast bowls of the best muesli in the world had a near record day, and all the Organic farmers and other stallholders were very happy to see you all.

The chatter of joyful voices and the squeals of excited children was the soundtrack to our very own, very special, fantastic Organic Farmers Market. I love to see the intense conversations going on between customers and stallholders, and between friends or lovers. The elderly couples walking hand in hand are so inspiring; some in their 80’s and 90’s (this food was what they were eating earlier in their life; in fact it was all they ever ate until the industrialisation of farming started in the 1950’s.)

I get a huge kick out of seeing one of our amazing young helpers, Tribe (13), walking one of our very special Market elders, Shirley (89), around our stall and then across the Market where she meets her friends every Sunday, come rain or shine. (She has hardly missed a Sunday in our almost 10 years!)

After another strange week of visiting a sick family member in hospital and seeing the vastly overloaded sickness system stretching to accommodate the ever expanding need for their services, it makes me so happy to see the ever growing amount of healthy faces and healthy families and healthy relationships frequenting our Market. We have no choice but to become and stay as healthy as possible, because the alternative is crap! Sickness sucks. It sucks time and money and effort and resources and taxes and incomes and quality of life… it sucks the Life out of you. It affects not just the person who is sick; it affects all of the family and friends and work colleagues, and everyone in your own world. Sickness is avoidable, just figure out what you need to do to stay healthy. The excellent ‘nutrient dense’ food in our unique Organic Market is a logical starting point; then all the other equally important areas (emotions and attitudes… body/mind/Spirit) can be addressed too. But don’t put off making the changes. You THINK you have time… so did my 63 years young family member.

In our great grandparents day most people died of old age. Most died in their sleep. These days most die in a hospital, tubed up and drugged up in a stainless steel stark white cocoon. Choices… it’s all about the choices we make. That we actually HAVE choices is excellent… now to make the right ones.

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