Organic fruit and vegies: are they basically a waste of money

Brisbane Times

“Buying organic vegies at the supermarket is basically a waste of money.”

This is the headline of a new article that got my (biodynamic) goat.

Organic, which pre-pesticides wasn’t synonymous with expensive, luxury or fussy wanker, makes sense to me on a number of levels.

The fewer pesticides, insecticides and artificial additives we ingest the better, plus environmental sustainability and animal welfare are priorities in organic farming.

Given the state of our planet’s health, the sorry state of animal welfare around the world as well as the state of our own health, it seems worth the extra couple of bucks to go organic when we can.

Presumably people agree with me, given the exponential growth of the market in Australia and overseas. In Australia alone, it is now worth $1.72 billion, up by 35 per cent since 2012 and growing by over 15 per cent each year.

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