One of my very best friends is dying at present. I have known him for 30 years and he is one of the “good guys”… a true friend, and a truly lovely person.

For all of this time I have done my best to encourage him to make healthy food choices. To him food was a cheap commodity that was designed to fill an empty hole. Fast foods, convenience foods, soft drinks and cheap food were the normal diet for him. It has only been in the last 3 months that vegetables, salads and fresh fruit have suddenly gained importance, as the reality of death approaches.

Hope and positivity are amazing concepts when there is even a slim chance of Living. The chance of a miraculous healing is always possible. Such things happen every day all over the world. BUT when the body has been taxed for many decades and a plethora of health related problems are being dealt with all at once and doctors and nurses are throwing every possible chemical and drug at their disposal at an exhausted body… there has to come a time when the body simply can’t cope with the sheer amount of interrelated debilitating health problems. It starts to give up and the stages of dying unfold. This is where my special friend is at present.

Why does it take a major health crisis to make a person wake up to better health choices? What on earth makes a person think that white bread, mcdonalds and coca cola will support Life? If our blood is entirely made up of the foods we eat, and this blood feeds every living cell in our bodies…

Many articles are being written about the best health benefits that are found from a plant based diet. Some years ago I read a long article about longevity in the “blue zones” around the world and plant based diets, fresh clean air and fresh clean foods, loving family lives, solid friendships and active daily lives were the constants. The problem is that when you look at these ideals in our modern society, most or all of them are lacking or non-existent.

We are told that agricultural chemicals are harmless and yet they have large TOXIC WARNING labels printed all over the containers. They also told us that “agent orange” was harmless, and that DDT was harmless, and that asbestos was harmless, and that smoking was actually good for your health, and that baby formula is much better for your new born than breast milk…

The chemical overload is making everyone sick. The food-like substances are making the population sick. The mass produced factory foods are devoid of any nutrition and that is making people sick. The fact that there is no money to be made by you eating healthy foods and taking complete responsibility for your own health… has not escaped the attention of the multinational food corporations at all. They will continue to attack Certified Organic foods and suggest that they are just an expensive exercise for the affluent and foolish. And ignore the studies that prove the vastly superior value of Certified Organic foods… and the intuitive common sense that KNOWS this is true.

We can’t fool our bodies for long if we think we can ‘get away’ with eating fake foods. There will inevitably be a time of reckoning. And you may be resilient and young enough to bounce back again and make the changes that will ensure it never happens again… or, as my lovely friend has discovered, it may be too late and too intense to recover from the illness.

Paul died last Tuesday after slipping into a coma. He will be very much missed by all who love him.

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