Embrace Australian Organic Awareness Month

This month, the healthy powers that be are challenging you to expand your organic horizons and make the change.
When our calendars clicked over into October , some of us may have been solely occupied by the fact that Christmas was a little closer, but there were some healthy locals who were celebrating the start of Australian Organic Awareness Month.

Running throughout October, the event encourages consumers to select something they don’t usually buy in organic form, and make the change.
So if you dutifully pick up a bag of organic lettuce from the local farmers market every weekend, but then stock up on chemical-laden cosmetics and cleaning products from the supermarket on your way home, these are the small changes you can make as you move towards a cleaner lifestyle.Week one, which runs until next Wednesday October 8, focuses on gardening and farming, while week two (October 9 to 16) hones in on organic beverages, week three (October 17 to 24) is all about organic skincare and cosmetics, and week four (October 25 to 31) encompasses organic food.According to Australian Organic, certified organic practices is now the number one fastest-growing area of Australian agriculture, which means we have far more choice than ever before. When browsing the shelves, keep an eye out for the Australian Certified Organic logo, which guarantees that the product is not only organic but also cruelty free, pasture fed, non-GM and grown free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics.

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