Clean eating: getting to the source

“I’ve seen many nutrition trends over the years,” says Anne Bauch, Mayo Clinic Health System registered dietitian. “Many of us are looking for the best ways to eat to promote weight loss, lower the risk of chronic disease or improve overall wellness. The most recent nutrition trend is called clean eating.”

Clean eating is the practice of choosing foods in their whole-food state, and avoiding processed and refined foods. However, the interpretation of clean eating can vary from person to person.

“For some, only whole foods are clean; for others, minimally processed foods are acceptable,” explains Bauch. “Clean eating also can imply eating mostly vegetables and fruits, whole grains, animal- and plant-based protein, nuts, seeds and oils. Clean eating is an intentional way of eating that includes only minimally processed, nonpackaged foods that don’t originate from a factory.”

Clean eating is a lifestyle. It’s a way of eating that encourages the consumer to be mindful of the traceability of food. Clean eating can encourage people to read labels, know food sources and think more thoughtfully about the nutritional value in foods.

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